Here at The Little Layout Company we are able to design and build any size layout that is specific to your needs and the space you have available. Whether you just want boards, track and wiring, a simple layout for you to add personal touches to, or a fully complete exhibition standard layout – all are possible!
We pride ourselves on being a small family run business who work hard with our clients to provide them with their dream model railway. We specialise in ‘little layouts’ and are passionate about proving small layouts can still be highly effective and give lots of operational value. That being said we have also built layouts 60ft in size so really anything is possible!




Business Owner, Layout Design and Construction

I’m Neil Mason. For 25 years I have been building model railways as a hobby after learning the technique from my father John. When I met Lacey, she gave me the confidence to take the hobby to the next level and put up with all the ‘train talk’ until we finally became ‘The Little Layout Company’.
I am now proud to say that I now build layouts as a full time career and love every minute of it! What a dream come true! When it comes to trains, my favourite era to model is late 1980’s to 2000. An industrial scene or diesel depot would be my ideal scene to create every time! However, I am happy to model in whatever gauge and era you are passionate about.


Business Owner, Admin Manager

I’m Lacey, Neil’s wife; if you had told me many years ago that I would co-own a model railway business I would not have known what you were talking about, but I am proud to say I have learnt a lot since I met Neil and I even know my class 20’s from my class 60’s! Although I have learnt how to do grass and trees, Neil is certainly still the modeller. I am responsible for all the correspondence, keeping the web site up to date, advertising and planning.


Carpenter and Construction

All great layouts start with a sturdy baseboard – this is where I come in! I’m Alan; Lacey’s Dad and Neil’s Father-In-Law. Although you may not see me often, I am the one busy behind the scenes! Being a retired carpenter has worked well for The Little Layout Company. I currently build all the boards for Neil to work on plus any extras such as trestles. We aim to build anything to your size and specification and we are always using use our knowledge and expertise to make things work the best for you.




Each client we have approach us has a different room of a different shape and size. We work hard with our client in the early stages to perfect the size and shape of the boards to give the most operational functions but to also best suit their rooms. We have constructed and fit boards in to spare rooms, conservatories, garages, lofts and outbuildings. Each room will throw up their own challenges hence the importance of accurate measurements and good quality construction. Prior to construction we have lots of conversations with our clients to gather information which helps us to build the right boards for you. We have a unique way of working with our clients when it comes to layout construction; we have a stages system allowing the client to be in control of how complete they want the layout to be;
Stage 1 – Baseboards only
Stage 2 – Baseboards, track and wiring
Stage 3 – Stages one and two with the addition of a printed or painted back scene and minimal ground work such as track weathering
Stage 4 – Stages one to three with basic greenery and scenic materials such as simple buildings and landscaping leaving the finer details untouched
Stage 5 – A layout built fully scenic to an exhibition standard, inclusive of all previous stages and detailing such as signage, people and weathered buildings.



Many of our clients contact us as they have existing layouts which need a bit of a revamp. We generally have two ways of working here; if the layout is mobile we can work on it from our workshop in Lincolnshire or if it is fixed we can come to you and work on a daily basis to rework whatever is needed.



Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. 

Appointments at the workshop are available upon request

07402 934312



Below you will find images of layouts which are complete or near to complete. Please head over to our Facebook Page  where you will find all of our builds are documented so that you can track them as they are being constructed.



16ft x 8ft 00 gauge layout based on Inverness depot and Dundee Station. This layout is DCC operated via an NCE power cab and Cobalt digital point motors. The track work is Peco Bullhead track and code 75 points. The depot building is scratch built with interior and exterior lighting and packed with detail. This layout was built to stage 5, onsite in Inverness.



Loop Lane is a small highly detailed micro layout which was built for our exhibition trade stand.



Passage Lane was built specically to take to exhibitions, and has been showcased at many. We built the boards and  trestles and laid the track work. This layout is powered layout with a Gaugemaster Advanced Controller and Cobalt point motors with an Alpha system. The layout is 8ft x 2ft and the scenery was then finished by the client. We were later asked  to add a 4ft extension board to create a larger scene with even more operational potential. This layout has since won two best in show titles and is a regular on the exhibition circuit - so keep an eye out.



Silver Hill is a 5ft x 15” depot layout. This was created for our exhibition stand and depicts a large Diesel depot area. Almost all the buildings on this layout have been scratch built with lighting and lots of detail. Once again we have used our expertise to create this small but fully functional layout with loads to look at – proving you don’t need a loft conversion to have a great looking layout!



Stylson park was co built with James Styles for our exhibition stands in 2018 to show how much you could fit into a small space. At only 9ft long Styleson had a high level station, car park  and industrial area giving lots of operating potential. This layout also had an 8 page feature in BRM magazine and online digital magazine.


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